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April 16: Tischer Scholars present yearlong research

Monday, April 16, 2012

FREDERICK, Md.—Students who at the end of their junior year have earned an overall grade point average of 3.0 and a 3.5 in their major, are invited to participate in departmental honors work during their senior year. The prestigious and highly selective yearlong program is designed for students who wish to pursue intensive research or a special project. Papers and projects are presented at a special forum in the spring.

In consultation with a departmental faculty adviser, students choose a topic of interest, usually in their major, and select a committee of two additional faculty members to serve as advisers and readers.

Students such as Meghan Coulbourne '12 (pictured), who complete departmental honors papers—included in the permanent collections of the Beneficial-Hodson Library—are designated Christine P. Tischer Scholars in honor of the 1965 alumna of the College who has generously supported the program.

The spring 2012 presentations will be held Friday, April 20 in Rosenstock Hall beginning at 2:30 as follows:

Opening Session
2:30 p.m.
Hodson Auditorium 

Room 119
Nabela Enam
Project: Development of a Quantitative PCR Assay to Measure Human T-lymphotropic Virus Type-1 to Study Infection Kinetics in vitro

Corinne Ransom
Project: Development of Total Phosphatase Activity Assay Protocol for use in Aquatic Environments

Meghan Coulbourne
Project: Habitat Selection and Saturation in Newly Settled Lobsters (Homarus americanus)

Room 123
Troy Hubbard
Project: Purification of Myxoma Virus Leukemia Associated Protein (MV-LAP) via Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography

Joshua Haines
Project: Analysis of Production Conditions of Mithraycin Using Streptomyces Plicatus

Jamie Bingaman
Project: Time-Resolved Vibrational Spectroscopy of [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Model Compounds

Bridgette Ringley
Project: Using Various Chromatography Techniques to Isolate Vitellogenin from Orconectes obscures, with Tandem Mass Spectroscopy for Sequence Determination

Room 212
Victoria Peterson
Project: “You Know What I Am”: Male Roles and Conduct in Austen’s Emma and Mansfield Park

Christopher Shaver
Project: Capitalism, Slavery and the Whale in Moby Dick

Carter Reitman
Project: Stranger of Here and Everywhere: Literary and Cultural Conflict in Season of Migration to the North

Sara R. Winand
Project: Rebels from the Waist Downward: Sexuality in 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale

Julia Friedrich
Project: The Body Triptych: Poems

Room 215
Jennifer Rose Hill
Project: A Linguistic Comparison Between Human-to-Human Online Communication and Human-to-Chatterbot Conversation

Kizza M. Nandyose
Project: Lyapunov Exponents and Entropies: Quantifying Chaotic Behavior in Additive Cellular Automata

Dubravka Bodiroga
Project: Computational Methods of Solving Equations Over Fields of Zero and Non-zero Characteristic

Room 223
Katrina Castner
Project: From Candid Camera to Jersey Shore: An Examination of Stereotypes on Reality Television

Scott Mauer
Project: The Order of Preachers and the Electoral Process in the High Middle Ages

Lindsay Cogdill
Project: Choice Versus Contract: Sexual Autonomy of Female Indentured Servants in Colonial America, 1642-1775

Kristopher Fair
Project: "We Thousands Do Not Trust You": The Kengir Gulag Revolt

Room 318
Ashley Birdsell
Project: Monumental: Marketing Community Engagement through Reification of Physical Artifacts in a Social Media Environment

William Gregory
Project: Under New Management: Part of the African Development Story

Senad Sinanovic
Project: How Much Did the Central and Eastern European Countries Benefit from Accession to the EU? An Empirical Investigation

Aida Odobasic
Project: Quantifying Happiness

Room 305
Kathleen Ford
Project: The Cognitive Ability of Ants to Use Sequential Patterns While Foraging

Bern G. Lee
Project: Language Learning and Retention: A Comparative Assessment of the Effects of Cognitive Effort and Context Learning Theories

Jennifer Marlatt
Project: Television Food Advertising to Children: An Assessment of Food Industry Self Regulation in the United States

Krystal Rowley
Project: The Cycle of Deployment: Stress, Coping and Resource Use by Military Spouses

Room 306
Claire Gogan
Project: "Message Music" and the African-American Prophetic Tradition: Nina Simone, Sweet Honey in the Rock and Black Theology

Makeda Jones
Project: The Ba’ath Party in Syria

Jamie Zeppa Kreager
Project: The Responsibility to Protect: The Missed Opportunity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sarah E. Morris
Project: Shining Light on the Invisible Phenomenon of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (DMST): The Importance and Role of Local Organizations in Maryland

Aubrey Shannon
Project: Portraits Fragmentés: Étude sur l'état féminin dans la Nouvelle Vague

Whitaker Campus Commons