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Coastal and Watershed Studies

The Center for Coastal and Watershed Studies is housed within the biology department and focuses on the challenges coastal communities face as their social, economic and environmental resources are damaged or depleted. Students in the cross-disciplinary coastal studies program—open to all students, not just science majors—are interested in addressing those challenges. For more information on the center, visit their website.

The coastal studies minor provides students with an interdisciplinary view of environmental issues that confront coastal habitats and communities. The minor is largely travel-based, including three-week-long field courses, and is designed to provide students with both textbook and first-hand knowledge of environmental challenges currently facing coastal regions. For more information on the minor, see the catalog.


Drew Ferrier, Professor of Biology and Director of Coastal Studies Program

Claire Hudson, Coastal Studies Semester Coordinator

Eric Kindahl, Associate Professor of Biology

Kevin Sellner, Senior Scholar

Randy Smith, GIS Specialist

Hannah Zinnert, Chesapeake Conservation Corps volunteer