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Lisa York

Lisa York

Ceramic Arts Technical Coordinator 
Tel: 301-696-3288
Office: Tatem Arts Center, Room 203
Office hours: By appointment


Lisa York, a ceramic artist, who is currently an instructor and gallery director at Hood College. Lisa has completed her graduate studies at University of North Dakota and her Master Certificate at Hood College, Frederick, MD. Her work has been exhibited throughout the United States and internationally in Canada, Russia, Hungary and China. Her ceramic pieces are currently included in the Plain Arts Museum collection in Fargo, North Dakota. She has completed art residencies at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China and the International Ceramics Studio in Kecskemet, Hungary.

Artist Statement

When we share a meal, start off the morning with a specific mug, or serve our favorite food on a special platter—each object evokes memories of previous meals. As a maker, I observe how food and the pottery they are served on bring us together—how the mere sight of them informs us that a celebration, or specific event, is forthcoming. I design utilitarian pieces that not only promote social gathering, but are also meant to become cherished objects. The organic and varied surfaces of my ceramics invite you to want to touch and partake in the work. With bold line and circle designs, the varied surface of the ceramic vessels invites the viewer to enjoy the cup, the bowl, or the plate from every angle. My work may be used to delight all the senses and to enhance social experiences with handmade ceramics. I aim to nurture and strengthen relationships, and foster memories that become attached to my useful objects.

Art Work

Two Plates
Ceramic, 1x7x5, 2014

Ceramic, 10x7x7, 2013

Ceramic,5x4x3 , 2014

Cups with Base
Ceramic, 6x9x6, 2014

Ceramic, 6x8x7, 2014

Tray with Bowls and Spoons
Ceramic, Oak, Glass, 6x24x7, 2014

Ceramic, 7x3x3, 2013

Jar with Spoons and Base
Ceramic, Black Walnut, Glass, 6x10x7, 2014