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A Brief History of the Carroll Creek Wildlife Park

Over the course of the last three centuries, population growth has caused the CCWP site to evolve from a oak-forested wild area, to a functioning agricultural field, to its current state as an urban stream site. Until the early 2000s the site was used for agricultural grazing adjacent to the Frederick County Health Department building.

Basic Timeline:

  • Early 1700s: settlement of Frederick County and the beginning of intensive agriculture.
  • July 28th, 1746: The Brunner family purchases the land containing the park.
  • 1820 – 1860: Alms house built on the site by the Brunner family.
  • 1869: Alms house building renovated into the Montevue County Hospital.
  • Early 1900s: Overcrowding becomes an issue at the hospital.
  • 1970: Frederick becomes a commuter city for the D.C. and Baltimore areas.
  • 1987: Hospital demolished and replaced by the Frederick County Health Department.
  • 2002: Work on the CCWP begins; Frederick becomes the state's second largest city.
  • 2004/2005: Construction on the CCWP site ends and monitoring begins.

Regional Context:

  • Frederick County is part of the Piedmont geographical region.
  • Carroll Creek Wildlife Park resides in the Frederick Valley.

A more detailed version of the CCWP site's history can be found here.