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Coastal Studies Minor

(19-20 credits)

Director: Drew Ferrier

Coordinator: Claire Hudson

The coastal studies minor provides students with an interdisciplinary view of environmental issues that confront coastal habitats and communities. The minor is largely travel-based and designed to provide students with both textbook and firsthand knowledge of environmental challenges currently facing coastal regions.

Required courses (block-scheduled during fall semesters — 13 credits):
  • ESHN 210 Coastal Oceanography
  • ENSP 212 Coastal Community Ecology
  • ENSP 370 Coastal Studies Practicum
  • INST 311 The Chesapeake Bay: Human Impacts on a Natural System
One elective offered as part of the Coastal Studies Semester (3-4 credits):
  • ENHN 268 The Culture and Literature of Coastal Environments
  • ENHN 368 American Landscapes: Environmental Literature in the United States
  • ENSP 201 Contemporary Environmental Controversies
  • ENSP 299 Special Topics in Environmental Science and Policy
One of the following (3 credits):
  • BIOL 348 Tropical Marine Ecology
  • ENSP 380 Coastal Studies Field Experience