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Vision and Mission

Our Vision as Department Programs

The education department programs envision developing well-educated and well-prepared pre and in service teachers and educational leaders who are self-actualized in both intellectual pursuits and pedagogical applications.

Mission Statement

The mission of the education department is to prepare academically competent and professional educators who are committed to facilitating learning in a culturally diverse society. This mission reflects a commitment to providing a technologically enhanced environment in which to nurture highly skilled educators who have a broad base in the liberal arts, are active learners and are reflective practitioners.

Inherent in our mission is the awareness that education is a scholarly pursuit, a science, an art and a profession. In order to meet our vision and mission statements, the education department has framed seven Institutional Outcomes (IOs) that all candidates must meet. These IOs are assessed at various points in the programs of study.

Institutional (Department) Outcomes

We believe that the education department at Hood College prepares educators who:

  • Demonstrate the subject matter content, pedagogical knowledge, teaching skills and professional dispositions necessary to ensure that all of their students and clients learn. (CONTENT KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS)
  • Use their knowledge of diversity to create learning environments that support the belief that all students can learn. (DIVERSITY)
  • Use assessment data to guide practices that support the belief that all students can learn. (ASSESSMENT)
  • Use technology to enhance learning. (TECHNOLOGY)
  • Communicate effectively with students, families and colleagues in order to facilitate learning. (COMMUNICATION)
  • Reflect on their practice and are committed to continued professional growth. (REFLECTIVE PRACTICE)
  • Demonstrate ethics and integrity to show respect for the profession. (ETHICS and INTEGRITY)

The education department envisions developing well-educated and well-prepared teachers and educators.