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Maria G. Zuffi

Maria G. Zuffi

Professor of Spanish and Director, Latin American Studies
Tel: 301-696-3472 
Office: Tatem, Room 212
Curriculum Vitae


  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh


Griselda Zuffi received her Ph.D in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. At present she directs the Latin American Studies program and teaches several courses in Spanish language and civilization and Latin American literature and culture. Her research focuses on Postdictatorship testimonial narratives of the Southern Cone that denounce the effects of authoritarian discourses. She has received summer grants to conduct research projects in Argentina and Chile on such topics as discursive representations of Peronism through fiction, the uses of history in Chilean women writers of the XIXth and XXth century, and the relationship of human rights groups, journalists and women writers to the government. She has published articles, reviews and interviews in books, literary journals and actas, such as, "Atravesando géneros: cuerpo y nación en Santa Evita," "Identitdad/Otredad: algunas estrategias conceptuales," and "La cruz invertida en el campo cultural de los sesenta." She has published short stories and poems in Confluencia and Osamayor and has presented papers at many national and international conferences on questions of border culture, identity, testimonio and postmodern biographies. Her areas of interest are feminist writing and theory and film studies. Maria Zuffi was awarded a Beneficial Hodson Faculty Fellowship to conduct research in Argentina in the fall of 2003.