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Len Latkovski

Len Latkovski

Professor of History

Tel: 301-696-3722
Office: Rosenstock Hall, Room 108


  • M.A., Ph.D., Georgetown University
  • B.A., Bellarmine College


A leading expert on Russia and the Baltics, Latkovski teaches courses on Russia, revolutions, and 19th and 20th century Europe. He has a wide range of direct experience on the nature of the Soviet System and the developments in the Post-Communist states. Well-known as a commentator on current development in those regions, he has frequently appeared on Russian and Latvian television and radio as well as been interviewed in their press. Also, he has been a regular commentator on regional and national media in the United States including National Public Radio. He has also given lectures at universities in Latvia. He has led cultural-study tours of Russia and the Baltics for twenty years. A noted specialist of Baltic history, his research interests include the history of Latgale, religion in Latvia and Latvian ethnic minorities. Latkovski has presented more than twenty scholarly papers on these topics. He is one of the foremost international experts on Latgalian history and culture, and has developed a website called "The Latgale Research Center" dedicated to informing and educating people on the Latgale region of Latvia. He has been a consultant and collaborator on television documentaries and also has directed student research in local Maryland history. Latkovski is currently working on a project entitled "The History of the Catholic Church in Latvia."