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Speaker Events

“In Depth” Speaker Series – occurs throughout the year

In-Depth was created to address student interest in applied careers in psychology. Every few months a clinical faculty or staff member, or outside speaker presents a provocative and challenging applied case. All students are welcome to attend these informal presentations in the Thanatology library in Rosenstock Hall, room 1. Students are encouraged to ask questions following the talk and related literature is available for interested students. The main purpose of these events is for students to learn more about the professional world of psychology and to discuss psychological issues outside of the classroom with faculty and peers. Feel free to contact Diane Oliver, Ph.D., at for more info!

The Robert Boyle Memorial Lecture Series – Fall 2015

Dan Robinson, Ph.D., fellow of the philosophy department at Oxford University and distinguished professor emeritus of Georgetown University, gave six lectures in memory of his friend and colleague Psychology Professor Robert Boyle, Ph.D., who passed away May 1, 2015. These six Robert Boyle Memorial Lectures covered topics in higher education, science, law and ethics, and are open to the Hood and wider Frederick community. Further information about Robinson and Boyle can be found here. A PDF of the six lectures can be found here.

“What Can Science Tell Us About What Makes Life Meaningful?” – Fall 2015

A talk given by Laura King, Ph.D., professor of psychological sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia, that examined the idea of The Good Life. Psychological perspectives on the Good Life often wrestle with the question of what it is that makes life worth living and what makes life meaningful to the person living it. She presented research addressing these issues and suggested that although The Good Life may be an ideal best left to philosophers and theologians, the pretty good lives we see all around us reveal a great deal about meaning in life. This talk was in association with the Inauguration of the 11th president of Hood College, Andrea Chapdelaine, Ph.D. Further information about King and her talk can be found here.