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Jolene Sanders

Jolene Sanders

Associate Professor of Sociology

Tel: 301-696-3753
Office: Alumnae Hall, Room 314
Office hours: As noted on syllabus or by appointment.


  • Ph.D., American University
  • M.A., University of Baltimore
  • B.A., University of Maryland

Courses taught:

  • SOC 101 Principle of Sociology
  • SOC 215 Social Problems
  • SOC 216 Criminology
  • SOC 260 Research Methods

Research and teaching interests:

My general areas of interest include the sociological analysis of race, class, and gender applied to various social institutions (mostly healthcare and criminal justice) and social problems (addictions and deviance). My primary research interests and areas of publication revolve around women and substance abuse Informed by my research, I teach special-topic courses including Addictions and Women & Crime. My interests are also reflected in my service as a co-editor to the journal "Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly."


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