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Academic Conferences

The Hood Honors Program is a member of the Maryland Collegiate Honors Council, Northeast Regional Honors Council and the National Collegiate Honors Council. These organizations sponsor annual conferences where undergraduate honors students can present the results of their research. Students from Hood have given talks or presented posters on papers they wrote for their honors classes or the work they did on their Departmental Honors projects.

Recent presentations include:

At the 2016 Maryland Collegiate Honors Conference in Baltimore, MD

  • Hannah Thompson – The Function of Emesal as a Cultic Sociolect
  • Emily Warren – What Makes a "War Crime"
  • Laura Ribeiro – The Empire of Medicine

At the 2016 Northeast Regional Honors Conference in Cambridge, MA

  • Catherine Traini – A Gendered Analysis of the Effects of Migrations on Education Attainment in Nicaragua
  • Phoebe Hassaine-Bennett – Transnational Gang Violence in Latin America

At the 2015 Northeast Regional Honors Conference in Gettysburg, PA

  • Justin McPherson - Spatial Memory in Salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum)
  • Amanda Shaffery - Nefertiti Regnant
  • Laura Hanna – The Changing Perspective of Bisexual Narratives in Young Adult Fiction
  • Caitlin Battey – America’s War Workers: An Emerging Battlefield in the War on Terror
  • Kara O’Leary – Challenges in Feminism in the Post-Colonial Maghreb