Are results anonymous?

  • Confidentiality is the central tenet of the course evaluation system. The system provides anonymity assurances.
  • The system does not allow connecting individual students to any quantitative responses. Unless a student reveals him or herself in the written comments, qualitative responses are similarly assured of confidentiality.

When are faculty able to view the evaluation results?

  • Faculty do not receive the course evaluation results until after all grades are submitted.

If I missed the evaluation window?

  • If you missed the evaluation window for a course, you can either contact the department administrative assistant or your professor.

Do I have to complete the course evaluations?

  • Hood College strongly encourages students to offer their feedback but does not mandate that students complete the course evaluations.


How do I know whether students are responding?

  • Real-time response rate tracking is available at the course evaluation website. Faculty will be able to see the number of students who completed the evaluation out of the total number of students enrolled in the course, but not who has and has not responded.

When are results available?

  • The college policy prohibits anyone from seeing the evaluation results until all grades have been submitted.
  • For a course that ended early in the semester, you will need to wait until after all the grades for the semester have been submitted.

How am I notified about my course evaluation results?

  • You will receive an automated email from SmartEvals that the evaluation results are available.

How do I access my results?

  • You may access your course evaluation results by logging into Blackboard and by clicking the Course Evaluation button.
  • For a team-taught course you will only have access to your own results and not the other instructor.

How do I export my results?

  • Course evaluation results can be exported in various formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, etc.). The simple instructions in downloading evaluation results are in the faculty instructions section.

Can I export raw data (non-identifiable)?

  • Course raw data can be exported in various formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, etc.). Instructions are in the faculty instructions section.