|  The Planning, Budgeting and Assessment Committee
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The Planning, Budgeting and Assessment Committee


The planning, budgeting and assessment committee (PBAC) consists of the following individuals:

  • President of the college
  • Vice president for finance and administration—chair
  • Provost and dean of the faculty
  • Vice president for enrollment management
  • Vice president for institutional advancement
  • Vice president for student life
  • Executive director of marketing and communication
  • Two faculty members elected by the faculty—serving two year terms
  • One faculty representative from the faculty executive committee
  • Dean of the graduate school
  • Executive director of human resources
  • One staff representative from the staff council board

The planning, budgeting and assessment committee will be supported by the following individuals:

  • Director of institutional research and assessment
  • Controller
  • Budget director & investment administrator


The PBAC is a recommending body to the president and meets at least monthly throughout the year and is responsible for:

  • Reviewing short- and long-term planning priorities for the College, using assessment data and the College mission as primary references
  • Reviewing planning priorities annually in light of current and anticipated needs, external conditions, trustee decisions, etc.
  • Using established planning priorities to plan budget allocations
  • Assessing available funding in coming years and establishing budget goals
  • Evaluating expenditures from previous years based on annual assessment reports and considering appropriate increases or reductions in specific allocations
  • Reviewing and assigning priorities to new requests for funding