|  Accounting, B.A.
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Accounting, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Hood College:

  1. Apply relevant accounting policies, standards and principles to business activities and situations through:
    • Demonstrating the ability to understand and apply generally accepted accounting principles to the measurement and reporting of income and financial position of businesses;
    • Illustrating the ability to make routine operational and strategic cost/resource allocation decisions;
    • Exhibiting competency in establishing internal controls and performing an external audit; and
    • Analyzing situations using the concepts of the U.S. tax code.
  2. Demonstrate literacy in both general quantitative skills and those specific to the business management discipline through:
    • Showing an understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics and applying this understanding to economic and business phenomenon, and
    • Illustrating the ability to apply data and models to analyze the economic environment of business.
  3. Demonstrate competencies in business functions through:
    • Showing competency in marketing;
    • Substantiating the understanding of corporate finance topics, such as time value of money, risk and capital budgeting; and
    • Demonstrating how organizations use information systems to improve decision-making.
  4. Identify the various legal, ethical, and regulatory issues that affect business decisions and apply appropriate moral, ethical and socially responsible frameworks to make decisions through:
    • Exhibiting an ability to recognize ethical dilemmas in business and apply ethical frameworks to develop solutions for resolving the dilemmas, and
    • Identifying the legal ramifications of business situations and develop appropriate policies consistent with the business laws and regulations in the U.S.
  5. Demonstrate effective competencies in critical-thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills through:
    • Applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to diagnose business problems and recommend solutions;
    • Illustrating the ability to effectively communicate relevant business information to organizational stakeholders in writing; and
    • Showing competence in effective oral and visual presentation of data and information.
  6. Are prepared to join the workforce through:
    • Applying business competencies to critically analyze a U.S. multinational company and recommend strategies for improvement, and
    • Successfully completing an internship in accounting.