|  Biology, B.A.
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Biology, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in biology from Hood College,

  1. Acquire basic knowledge of foundational concepts that encompass all areas of biology through:
    • Recalling key concepts of cell biology and genetics;
    • Recalling key concepts of animal and plant physiology; and
    • Recalling key concepts of evolution and ecology.
  2. Develop skills to present written and oral reports that demonstrate scientific methodology through:
    • Demonstrating synthesis of ideas and experimental design in oral and written format, and
    • Constructing a scientific poster and orally presenting it to articulate results of a project.
  3. Develop skills to analyze and interpret scientific data through:
    • Analyzing data acquired in the lab, and
    • Formulating conclusions based on data analysis.
  4. Acquire technical skills in the lab through:
    • Performing basic laboratory techniques.