|  Biomedical Science, M.S.
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Biomedical Science, M.S.

Graduates earning a master's degree in biomedical science from Hood College:

  1. Develop a comprehensive core knowledge of the fundamental elements of cell and molecular biology through:
    • Constructing a concept map associated with protein biochemistry;
    • Preparing an annotated bibliography specific to cell structure and function;
    • Generating a concept map emphasizing the molecular biology of eukaryotic cells;
    • Conducting an independent project and presentation on bioinformatics; and
    • Summarizing and appropriately citing research related to concepts in foundational cell and molecular biology as appropriate to the capstone project.
  2. Design scientific studies, and analyze, interpret and present data through:
    • Developing an appropriate and adequate experimental design needed to answer a scientific question, and
    • Interpreting data, using suitable tools to analyze and presenting data appropriate to the capstone project.
  3. Communicate complex scientific topics to a professional audience through:
    • Synthesizing ideas and experimental concepts into a well-written thesis or mock grant proposal, and
    • Defending ideas and results/conclusions of a thesis project or grant proposal to a professional audience.
  4. Master technical skills in the lab, understand when use is appropriate and demonstrate effective documentation of laboratory work through:
    • Performing basic laboratory techniques appropriately;
    • Incorporating biological techniques frequently used in research appropriate to complete the capstone project; and
    • Keeping adequate laboratory records.