|  Business Administration, B.A.
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Business Administration, B.A.

Hood's business administration bachelor of arts degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the premier accreditor of business schools that focus primarily on teaching and learning.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Hood College:

  1. Demonstrate competencies in business functions through:
    • Proving understanding of financial and managerial accounting topics pertaining to the collection, recording, organization and reporting of financial information;
    • Showing competency in marketing;
    • Substantiating the understanding of business finance topics, such as time value of money, risk and capital budgeting; and
    • Demonstrating how organizations use information systems to improve decision-making.
  2. Demonstrate literacy in both general quantitative skills and those specific to the business management discipline through:
    • Showing an understanding of descriptive and inferential statistics and applying this understanding to economic and business phenomenon, and
    • Illustrating the ability to apply data and models to analyze the economic environment of business.
  3. Show an understanding of how the external environment, especially the legal and international dimensions of the environment, affects managerial decision-making and business policies and practices through:
    • Providing an understanding and appreciation of how legal and regulatory factors affect managerial decision-making in organizations, and
    • Demonstrating the impact of the international and global environment on business decision-making.
  4. Display competent decision-making, communication, and interpersonal skills through:
    • Applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills to diagnose business problems and recommend solutions;
    • Illustrating the ability to effectively communicate relevant business information to organizational stakeholders in writing;
    • Showing competence in effective oral and visual presentation of data and information; and
    • Demonstrating effective teamwork skills.
  5. Will be prepared to join the workforce through:
    • Applying business competencies to critically analyze a U.S. multinational company and recommending strategies for improvement, and
    • Successfully completing an internship in business.