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Business Administration, MBA

Hood's MBA is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, the premier accreditor of business schools that focus primarily on teaching and learning.

Graduates earning a master's degree in business administration from Hood College:

  1. Will demonstrate knowledge of the functional areas of business through:
    • Demonstrating knowledge of Marketing by performing a marketing strategy analysis;
    • Showing knowledge of Financial Management by performing a financial analysis;
    • Illustrating knowledge of Operations Management by performing an operational strategy analysis;
    • Showing knowledge of Financial and Managerial Accounting by performing an analysis of accounting statements; and
    • Showing knowledge of the Management of Information Systems & Technology by performing an information strategy analysis.
  2. Will be able to use quantitative tools and techniques in the preparation, analysis, and presentation of data and information for problem-solving and decision-making through:
    • Demonstrating the ability to perform financial analysis using appropriate spreadsheet software, and
    • Demonstrating the ability to gather, analyze and present economic data for decision-making.
  3. Will be able to identify how the global environment presets opportunities and challenges for organizations and draft appropriate strategies to respond to them through:
    • Identifying and analyzing opportunities and challenges in the global environment, and
    • Drafting appropriate organizational response strategies to the global opportunities and challenges.
  4. Will demonstrate effective leadership and team membership skills through:
    • Critically evaluating their leadership skills;
    • Illustrating the ability to effectively communicate relevant business information to organizational stakeholders in writing;
    • Showing competence in effective oral and visual presentation of data and information; and
    • Demonstrating effective teamwork skills.
  5. Will be able to make decisions based on ethical considerations and the triple bottom-line paradigm of business sustainability through:
    • Applying an ethical framework to a decision-situation and recommend the best course of action, and
    • Critically evaluating the strategy of an organization with respect to its subscription to economic, social and environmental sustainability and recommend suggestions for improvement.
  6. Will be have a comprehensive capstone experience where they will create a strategic plan for an organization based on external and internal situation audits through:
    • Conducting external and internal situation audits for an organization, and
    • Creating a strategic plan for an organization.