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Ceramic Arts, MFA

Graduates earning a master's of fine arts degree in ceramic arts from Hood College:

  1. Gain a broad base of science and creative skills, the history of ceramic art and the concepts of the ceramic arts media through:
    • Cultivating the relationship of form and materials;
    • Devising processes to create work that illustrates technical competence in the ceramic arts medium; and
    • Demonstrating awareness of the ceramic arts’ historical, cultural and contemporary movements.
  2. Explore skills needed to refine a personal aesthetic expression in the ceramic arts and contribute new MFA knowledge to the field through:
    • Producing a personal ceramic arts statement;
    • Structuring a thesis proposal;
    • Conducting a thesis literature review; and
    • Creating a body of artwork presented in a solo exhibition.
  3. Foster creative thinking skills by honing the ability to observe, interpret and evaluate expression in the ceramic arts through:
    • Evaluating the subtle nuances of influential elements on the artwork’s communicated concepts;
    • Conducting a series of peer-review evaluations; and
    • Performing a collection of self-evaluation assignments on personal bodies of art.
  4. Become adept at communicating personal intentions visually, verbally and in written format through:
    • Creating a body of personal artwork;
    • Leading a gallery talk, lecture and oral presentation; and
    • Structuring a research paper, publishable article or essay.
  5. Acquire the confidence to seek the challenge of higher learning environments, become skilled knowledgeable artists, intellectually sound risk takers and career oriented professionals through:
    • Devising processes to create art work that demonstrates originality, and
    • Mastering the business of producing, exhibiting and marketing personal artwork.