|  Computational Science, B.S.
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Computational Science, B.S.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in computational science from Hood College:

  1. Acquire adequate knowledge of computational and applied mathematics at a level appropriate for an undergraduate through:
    • Mastering basic skills in continuous mathematics;
    • Mastering basic skills in discrete mathematics; and
    • Creating mathematical models to describe physical situations and use the models to make predictions about those situations.
  2. Attain an adequate knowledge of applied computer science and computing at a level appropriate for an undergraduate through:
    • Planning and writing programs demonstrating programming, debugging and troubleshooting skills, and
    • Analyzing a problem, and identify and define the computing requirements and specifications appropriate to its solution.
  3. Achieve an adequate knowledge of a natural science (biology, physics, chemistry) at a level that prepares them to address problems in that discipline using computational mathematics through:
    • Demonstrating proficiency in laboratory techniques and methods, and
    • Answering discipline-specific content questions in each discipline-specific course.
  4. Use the power of computing and applied mathematics to solve meaningful problems in a scientific field through:
    • Solving a scientific problem using computing and applied mathematics skills.
  5. Demonstrating skill in written and oral communication through:
    • Writing with clarity and precision, and
    • Speaking with clarity and precision.