|  Global Studies, B.A.
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Global Studies, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in global studies from Hood College:

  1. Explore cultures through an interdisciplinary lens through:
    • Critically examining a text, discourse, artifact, or institution of global significance in its historical, cultural, political, or economic context;
    • Describing the cultural, ideological, or institutional structures that transcend two or more national, cultural, or continental boundaries; and
    • Critically examining the process of globalization through the disciplinary lenses of the humanities, social sciences, and/or sciences.
  2. Show competence in oral, written, and visual communication with respect to the analysis and presentation of global issues and problems through:
    • Writing about global issues and problems with clarity;
    • Developing a thesis statement that responds to global issues and problems; 
    • Writing a literature review or critical essay using relevant literature;
    • Using appropriate visual communication to convey information; and
    • Using appropriate citation format.
  3. Comprehend the forces shaping globalization through:
    • Analyzing the social, economic, political and environmental forces shaping globalization.
  4. Demonstrate global language competency through:
    • Developing proficiency in the target language consistent with ACTFL Proficiency ratings in four modalities: speaking, listening, reading, and writing; and
    • Analyzing issues and problems related to globalization with respect to a specific region, country, or cultural group using a second-language.
  5. Participate in an experiential learning activity emphasizing the complexity of global relations through:
    • Producing a reflection paper conveying the understanding of global affairs acquired through the internship and/or study abroad experience, and
    • Producing a paper reflecting upon the student's attendance and engagement in at least 8 on-and-off campus events addressing global issues.