|  Information Technology, M.S.
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Information Technology, M.S.

Graduates earning a master's degree in information technology from Hood College:

  1. Demonstrate general knowledge of software/networking /information systems security through:
    • Applying fundamental security concepts and principles;
    • Appraising network architecture and technology; and
    • Analyzing threats to security, including types of threats, systems security and hardening, database security, possible attack avenues and methods of protection.
  2. Apply software design and data management techniques through:
    • Comparing and contrasting software and information systems;
    • Breaking down a system’s development, engineering methodology, design process, evaluation and operation feasibility; and
    • Distinguish general information among databases.
  3. Apply basic analytic tools and database for decision-making through:
    • Critiquing factors that affect management of IT;
    • Differentiating data analytic roles to perform data mining projects; and
    • Converting data into information for managerial decision-making.
  4. Apply the systems analysis, design and integration process through:
    • Defining and discussing systems analysis and the design process, and
    • Applying selected tools and processes to select a systems design.
  5. Demonstrate effective professional skills including teamwork, utilization of information resources and communication with technical and nontechnical audience through:
    • Working effectively as part of a team;
    • Classifying and solve generally stated problems;
    • Identifying and use professional information resources;
    • Monitoring current trends and directions in the field; and
    • Communicating effectively with technical and non-technical audiences.