|  Management of Information Systems, M.S.
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Management of Information Systems, M.S.

Graduates earning a master's degree in management of information systems from Hood College:

  1. Demonstrate general knowledge of hardware, software and networking through:
    • Drafting a solution to a business problem using software applications, databases and available resources;
    • Completing an embedded exam question; and
    • Diagramming a business process and explaining the process in terms of Information Technology resources.
  2. Apply hardware, software, networking and data management techniques through:
    • Building a database;
    • Writing Data Definition Language statements;
    • Completing homework assignments and a project on computer functionality of data and telecommunication networks; and
    • Pulling data from multiple sources, combining and organizing data into relational data.
  3. Apply sound IT, managerial, financial and business practices through:
    • Transforming data using multiple software tools;
    • Executing business decisions using statistical tools;
    • Presenting the impact on the organization using quantitative analysis; and
    • Extracting data from one form, transforming the data, and using data for decision-making.
  4. Demonstrate effective professional skills including teamwork, utilization of information resources and communication with technical and nontechnical audiences through:
    • Working effectively as part of a team;
    • Classifying and solving generally stated problems;
    • Identifying and using professional information resources;
    • Monitoring current trends and directions in the field; and
    • Communicating effectively with technical and non-technical audiences.