|  Mathematics, B.A.
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Mathematics, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Hood College:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in the techniques of continuous and discrete mathematics through:
    • Mastering basic and advanced skills in continuous mathematics;
    • Mastering basic and advanced skills in discrete mathematics; and
    • Demonstrating understanding of the interplay between the continuous and discrete.
  2. Demonstrate skill in problem analysis and problem solving through:
    • Solving non-routine, multi-step problems, and
    • Creating mathematical models to describe physical situations and using the models to make predictions about those situations.
  3. Read, understand and construct mathematical proofs through:
    • Critiquing and demonstrating understanding of proofs in textbooks and articles, and 
    • Writing proofs of increasing sophistication.
  4. Demonstrate skill in written and oral communication of mathematics through:
    • Speaking about mathematics with clarity and precision;
    • Writing about mathematics with clarity and precision.
  5. Make effective use of the computer as a tool in mathematics through:
    • Using a computer algebra system for computation, visualization and exploration, and
    • Using a statistical package to perform calculations and interpreting the results. 
  6. Understand mathematics in its historical context through:
    • Demonstrating knowledge of the historical development of mathematics, including the contributions of women and non-Western scholars.