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Music, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in music from Hood College:

  1. Demonstrate specific knowledge in music theory and music history through:
    • Analyzing a written musical score, and
    • Composing a brief passage.
  2. Perform using instrument or voice with technical proficiency and appropriate artistry to perform a variety of appropriate repertoire as a soloist of ensemble performer through:
    • Performing advanced techniques of the vocal instrument;
    • Performing advanced techniques of a chosen instrument expanding knowledge of the instrument repertoire; and
    • Demonstrating the development of ear training for greater listening skills.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to think, speak, and write clearly and effectively about the art of music through a series of research-based activities through:
    • Assembling a research assignment using peer-reviewed sources and accurate APA, MLA or Chicago formatting and documentation criteria on a musical topic, and
    • Delivering a formal oral presentation on the influence that music played during a historical period or social movement in the western culture.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of technologies available for music notation, composition, documentation and analysis through:
    • Using music industry standard software for music notation and research, and
    • Mastering a general word processing program through written assignments.
  5. Demonstrating proficiency in the use of a piano through:
    • Playing all major/minor scales and primary chords in all keys; 
    • Playing an intermediate piece;
    • Playing a quick movement piece; and
    • Sight-reading a choral or easy piano piece.