|  Religion, B.A.
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Religion, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in religion from Hood College:

  1. Acquaint students with central features of diverse global religious beliefs through:
    • Interpreting canonical religious texts, and
    • Acquiring basic knowledge of the central beliefs of multiple global religious traditions and their historical development.
  2. Acquaint students with basic structure of religious experience through:
    • Analyzing the material culture and lived experience of multiple global religious traditions, and
    • Acquiring responsible methods of comparing the religious practices of multiple global religious traditions.
  3. Acquaint students with basic mechanics of critical thinking about values through:
    • Identifying the values endemic to religious texts and to adherent’s descriptions of religious practices;
    • Engaging in respectful critical discourse about differing religious and secular perspectives; and
    • Acquiring cohesive and persuasive academic writing skills.