|  Sociology, B.A.
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Sociology, B.A.

Graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Hood College:

  1. Able to demonstrate an understanding of the sociological perspective of society and human behavior through:
    • Demonstrating an understanding of the meaning of important sociological concepts, and
    • Applying sociological thinking (concepts and principles) to understand aspects of the social world.
  2. Able to articulate the role of theory in sociology through:
    • Understanding the history of sociological thought, and
    • Comparing and contrasting different theoretical orientations in sociology.
  3. Can demonstrate an understanding of, and specific skills in, the design and conduct of social research through:
    • Demonstrating an understanding of the specific uses, strengths and limitations of different method of social research;
    • Designing and carrying out a social research project; and
    • Using the computer to compile, manipulate and analyze quantitative data.
  4. Possess communication and analytical skills that can be directly applies to their future endeavors in education, employment and life through:
    • Writing in a clear and concise manner;
    • Making clear and concise oral presentations; and
    • Using current technology to find, organize and communicate information.