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Graduates earning a certificate in thanatology from Hood College:

  1. Explore the field of Thanatology as a profession through:
    • Explaining the ethical and legal issues of thanatology relative to end-of-life decision- making and end-of-life care, and
    • Examining personal attitudes toward dying, dying and grief, and developing increased personal coping skills and
    • Researching, writing and presenting the understanding and complexity of grief as a way to further the field and education of thanatology across communities and the profession.
  2. Understand the cultural, social, religious, spiritual and lifespan developmental factors that influence the experiences of grief and dying through:
    • Distinguishing among different cultural traditions and their death rituals and comparing to the neurological basis for this diversity, and
    • Analyzing the historical context and evolution of each tradition.
  3. Study the dying process and the contributing role of palliative care and hospice through:
    • Demonstrating knowledge of trajectories and theories of dying and of awareness contexts;
    • Illustrating and evaluating dying trajectories and likely awareness contexts; and
    • Describing the death surround and its changeability.
  4. Communicate in writing and oral presentations an understanding of the complexity of grief (including techniques for grief counseling, types of complicated bereavement and disenfranchised grief) to facilitate further education across communities and the profession through:
    • Designing a course on death education that includes societal mourning and the impact of terrorism and natural disaster in our contemporary world, and
    • Demonstrating techniques for grief counseling with emphasis on types of complicated and disenfranchised grief.