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Campus Employment

Federal Work-Study and Campus Employment


Prior to working, students must provide required documentation to complete various tax forms, such as an Employment Identification Form (I-9), an Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) and an Employee’s Maryland Withholding Exemption Form (Form MW 507). These forms are provided by the Financial Aid Office and must be completed once a student obtains a position on campus. Students will need to bring their driver’s license and social security card or certified copy of their birth certificate. If you cannot provide any of these documents, please contact the Financial Aid Office for a complete list of acceptable documents.

Job Referrals and Interviews

Federal work-study and campus employment students are encouraged to stop by the financial aid office to obtain a list of job openings for spring semester.

Payroll Checks

Students complete an employee timesheet every two weeks. The timesheets are available online. It is the student’s responsibilty to complete the timesheet on a daily basis. Payroll checks are issed by the accounting office (Alumnae Hall, Room 213). Students have th option to set up direct deposit for their paychecks.

Determining the Work Schedule

The hours that a given student works per week depends upon the student’s academic schedule, campus employment or federal workstudy allocation and the supervisor’s needs. When arranging the work schedule, the student and supervisor should keep in mind that the student’s academic responsibilities take precedence over any other priorities.

Formula: Semester allocation ÷ the number of work weeks in a semester ÷ the rate of pay = the approximate number of hours per week a student can work.


$1000 (semester allocation) ÷ 15 (weeks in a semester) = 60 ÷ $8.00 (pay rate) = 8.3 (approximate hours per week)

A student would need to work approximately 8.3 hours a week to earn a federal work-study award of $1000 per semester.

For further information concerning the campus employment program, please review the student employment handbook available on our website

If you have any questions, please contact Susan Erb, Associate Director of financial aid, 301-696-3414.