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Financial Aid Office

The financial aid office assists students in identifying all possible resources to help students pay for their education. The office identifies federal, state and Hood College funds available for students who qualify.

Awarding Student Aid

Merit-based Aid

All students who are offered admission to Hood College are considered for merit aid. Merit aid is awarded regardless of financial need and students must meet certain guidelines to renew awards.

Need-based Aid

The financial aid office awards need-based aid to those students who qualify based on the information provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This need-based aid may be in the form of grants, federal work study and student loans. The financial aid office identifies grants from the federal or state government as well as grants from Hood College.

Student Loans

The financial aid office originates loans for all students who have been awarded a loan in their financial aid award package. Students will be advised of the process for completing a Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Loan Counseling. Once the student completes the MPN and Entrance Loan Counseling, the loan will be guaranteed and the loan money will be sent to Hood and credited to the student’s account.

Student Employment

The financial aid office assists students in locating on-campus and community service jobs. This office provides students with a list of available jobs on campus, organizes job fairs for students to talk with prospective employers, and processes work agreements. Job opportunities are posted on the College’s website at

Federal work-study students have the unique opportunity to consider service-oriented jobs in the Frederick community. Opportunities are available with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Historical Society, the Red Cross, the Department of Social Services, United Way, Frederick Memorial Hospital and Habitat for Humanity and many other organizations. For further information, contact Jill Hermes, Hood College Career Center, 301-696-3582.

Work agreements are contracts between the student and on-campus supervisor. The work agreement is signed by the student and supervisor and returned to the Financial Aid Office prior to the first day of work. Students will be required to complete federal employment forms (Forms I-9 and W-4) as well as an Employee’s Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate (Form MW 507). The Payroll Office, located next to the Accounting Office, issues paychecks for student employee’s.

Bookstore Advances

The College does not provide advances on financial aid refunds. If a student’s financial aid award includes funds for books and the student is entitled to a refund, the earliest that a refund can be obtained is 14 days after the beginning of the semester. Students should be prepared to purchase books.