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Accounting Overview

Monthly Payment Plan (MPP)

As a convenience, Hood College offers families the opportunity to pay tuition bills over a 4 or 5-month period covering one semester. There is a nonrefundable application fee of $30 for the plan. To enroll, visit The last day for enrollment for fall semester is Aug 1.

Fall Semester Tuition Payment Due Date

The fall 2016 payment due date is Aug. 15, 2016. Payment is due at the time of registration for registrations after Aug. 15, 2016. The spring 2017 semester due date is Jan. 15. Please refer to the accounting website for payment methods:

Late Fees

A two percent late fee, not to exceed $250 will be applied to all unpaid balances on the first day the following month. Please refer to the accounting website for additional information:


Overpayments, account adjustments or excess financial aid may result in a credit balance on your account. Refunds will be processed within 14 days after financial aid is disbursed and will be distributed via campus mail or mailed to the billing address on file. The College does not provide advances on financial aid refunds.

Financial Aid and Outside Scholarships

The College reserves the right to review, modify or cancel your financial aid award at any time on the basis of information affecting your eligibility. All outside scholarships will be credited to student accounts only upon receipt of the funds by the school. “Anticipated” aid becomes an actual credit on your account only after all financial aid requirements have been met. To verify that your file is complete, please contact the financial aid office at 301-696-3411 or