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Grade Release Form

To: First-Year Students
From: Nanette C. Markey, Registrar
Re: Grade Reports

Midterm low grade reports are mailed to students, academic advisers, and specific administrative officers. Final grades are not printed but are accessible to students through their self-service account.

Hood College does not automatically provide copies to others, including parents or guardians of dependent students, without the written consent of the student. It is the College’s policy to give first-year students the option of having midterm and final grade reports sent to their parents or guardians. Therefore, during your first year, Hood is offering you the option of releasing your midterm and final grades to your parents at your home address. Please indicate your preference on this form, sign it, and return in one of the postage-paid envelopes provided or drop off to the Registrar’s Office, located in the Apple Academic Resources Center.

Note: This letter covers your first year only. After that time you must submit a written request each semester if you would like your grades sent to your parents/guardians

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