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Hood iPad Information

Members of Hood College’s class of 2020 will receive an iPad at summer orientation. Students will own and be responsible for the iPad immediately upon receipt. Although Hood College wants all full-time, first-year students to have an iPad as a supplement to classroom instructional technology and techniques, students are not required to accept the iPad being offered. Following are the steps to take to get ready for your iPad.

Review the Student iPad Receipt and Use Agreement

Each student will sign the Student iPad Receipt and Use Agreement when they receive their iPad during summer orientation. Please review the document that follows on the next page to ensure that you are familiar with the College’s expectations and the terms of the agreement.

Establish an iTunes account or add the iPad to your existing account

Hood College students who receive an iPad will need to create a personal iTunes account to download any free apps Hood College recommends and to purchase apps that faculty members may require for a class. To establish an iTunes account, visit Click the blue “Download iTunes” button. Then select “Download Now.” Once iTunes is downloaded, click “Store” then “Account” then “New Account.” Enter a credit card number to activate your account or follow the procedures to create one without a credit card. This account will allow you to download apps for your iPad. Students who already have an iTunes account will need to add the iPad as a device to their existing account.

Explore insurance in case your iPad is damaged, lost or stolen

Though not mandated, Hood College strongly recommends that each student who receives an iPad purchase insurance or verify whether an existing homeowner’s policy will cover an iPad used at school in case of damage, loss or theft. If the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen, the student is expected to replace it. Below is a partial list of iPad insurance providers. Hood College does not endorse any of these third-party companies. Compare their prices and coverage carefully since the premium, deductible, duration of the policy and coverage will vary. Some insurers will not cover theft while others will not cover accidental spills and damage, etc. Verify before purchasing any insurance. The iPad and charger are valued minimally at approximately $400.

Company Name Website Telephone Number Approximate Cost/Term*
Safeware (800) 800-1492 $50 per year
SquareTrade (877) 927-7268 $100 for two years
Worth Avenue Group (800) 620-2885 $40 per year
Protectme (800) 504-7814 $100 for two years
GOtronics (888) 269-5658 $120 for two years
Gocare (855) GOCARE-1 $39 for one year

*Price estimates are based on posted web pages and selecting supplied options. Coverage and cost will vary based on your selections.

Explore purchasing AppleCare

Though not mandated, Hood College strongly recommends that students get AppleCare for their iPad. AppleCare provides telephone technical support and a limited warranty for hardware failure not caused by damage, loss or theft. Visit the AppleCare web page at for details. iPad owners can only purchase AppleCare within 30 days following the date the iPad is linked to iTunes.

Check to see if your books are available for the iPad

Faculty will continue to specify the textbooks, books and allied materials that they expect students to use for class. Depending on whether the book publisher has made this possible, students might be able to acquire eTextbooks for download to an iPad or other computer. Depending on the eTextbook provider, eTextbooks can be downloaded onto a computer or rented from the Cloud for periods such as 180 days and in some cases may be accessible only when an Internet connection exists. Students can acquire books through the Hood College Barnes and Noble bookstore or use other book and eTextbook retailers, leaders of which include Barnes and Noble, CourseSmart, Inkling and Amazon Kindle.

At this time not all physical books are available in an eText format, not all eText formats are available from every eTextbook provider, and not all eTextbooks are able to download to an iPad, so some exploration may be needed.