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Recommended PC and Mac

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a computer system:

  • Hood College does not require students to purchase a computer, but having your own computer definitely comes in handy. You can always use the computer systems located in general and departmental computer labs, the residence halls and in other public campus locations. There is even a 24 Hour Lab.
  • Spend as much money as you can realistically afford. The more money you invest, the longer your system will remain useful.
  • Make sure you are investing in quality components, a good warranty, and you are able to get service if needed. Keep in mind that the IT department does not repair personally owned computer systems.

Recommended Minimum Computer Configuration for Windows 7 or 8 PCs:

  • 2 GHz (or greater) Intel or AMD CPU
  • 2 GB or more of Random Access Memory (RAM); 4 GB with a 64 bit preferred operating system.
  • 250 GB hard drive or larger
  • 20X (or faster) DVD RW drive
  • 17” flat panel monitor minimum
  • Video card (for gaming or entertainment purposes)
  • Wired or wireless ethernet card (generally built in) 802.11 g/n network card
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or comparable alternate vendor. The Microsoft Office Suite is available to students to lease for four years at a discounted price (go to => Campus Services => Information Technology => Computer Discounts => Software (Mac & PC)

Recommended Minimum Computer Configuration for an Apple Macintosh:

  • Intel i3 minimum
  • OS X 10.7.x (Lion) minimum
  • 2 GB or more of Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • 250 GB (gigabyte) hard drive or larger
  • CD-RW Combo Drive
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice, NeoOffice or iWorks08

Discounts on Hardware and Software

Hood College has agreements with selected computer hardware and software vendors to provide students with discounts on products. Students can access sites offering these discounts by going to the Hood College web page and:

  • Clicking on Campus Services at the bottom of the page
  • Clicking on Information Technology
  • Clicking the links at the bottom right hand of the main Information Technology page for Apple, Dell and Software (Mac and PC)

Hood College does not derive any financial benefit from the sale of items from these sites; all discounts are passed onto the student. Hood College has no business relationship with anyone selling or purchasing items through these sites, and purchasers should contact the vendor directly about purchasing questions, returns, shipping, etc. Further, and while Hood College believes the prices offered through these sites are discounted and competitive, students are encouraged to comparison shop elsewhere before making a purchase.