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iPad Quick Setup Guide

1. Power on your iPad device from the power button on the upper right hand side of the device. Slide the gray arrow in the area labeled Slide to set up at the bottom of the screen from left to right.

2. Select English to continue.

3. Select United States to continue.

4. Your iPad will scan for nearby Networks and then display a list of choices. Select the fastNsecure@hood network.

5. On the Enter Password screen that appears, enter your Pergola Network account username with “pergola\your username” To locate the “\” character on your keyboard press the ".?123" key, then press the "#+=" key, to locate the "\" key. Type your Hood account password and press the Join button.

6. When prompted regarding a Certificate select the Trust button.

7. Once your iPad successfully connects to the fastNsecure@hood network you will be automatically transitioned to the next step.

8. Select Enable Location Services to continue.

9. Select the Set Up as New iPad option to continue.

10. On the Apple ID screen that appears select the Skip this Step link.

11. Select "Don't Use" when prompted with a pop-up window regarding “Are you sure?”

12. Select the Agree button that appears in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

13. Select Agree when prompted with a pop-up window regarding “Terms and Conditions.”

14. On the Create a Passcode screen that appears select the Don’t Add Passcode link.

15. Select Continue when prompted with a pop-up window regarding “Don’t Add Passcode?”

16. On the Siri screen, make a selection of your choice.

17. Select Don’t Send and then press the Next button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to continue.

18. On the Welcome to iPad screen select the Get Started button. Your iPad is now ready for use.