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Your personal connection to Hood College as alumni provides unique tools for showcasing the exciting opportunities the College offers future students. The Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of Admission have partnered and are pleased to offer a number of ways to continue strengthening the enrollment of future Hood College classes. If you are interested in representing the College in any or all of the ways detailed below, please let us know by completing the form found here, or by contacting Biz Gorman Gomer ’02, MA’08, senior associate director of admission and alumni executive board member, at or 301-696-3406. For additional resources, you may view an alumni admission ambassador FAQ sheet, a Hood fact sheet and information about what to expect on the road.

Alumni admission volunteers help identify and recruit qualified prospective students for Hood College in the following ways:

  • Representing Hood at college fair programs;
  • Sharing Hood admission materials at area high schools or home school programs
  • Joining the Office of Admission on- and off-campus for admission programs for prospective students; and
  • Assisting the admission team in direct contact initiatives such as emails, phone calls, text messages and social media outreach with admitted students as they make their final college decisions!

And remember that you can refer someone you think would make a great addition to the Hood College student community at any time by completing the referral form found here.

We look forward to helping you share your Hood College story with the next generation of Hood College alumni!

Class Agents

If you are an annual funds donor who would like to inspire philanthropy among your classmates, consider becoming a class agent. Class agents assist the College with fundraising by sending emails, making phone calls and writing letters or notes to classmates. Additionally, class agents may reach out to classmates by setting up class-specific Facebook groups, tweeting, text messaging or using other methods that are likely to resonate with classmates to encourage philanthropic support. As key volunteers, class agents are updated periodically regarding fundraising progress as well as other important news from the College administration. If you are interested in volunteering in this worthwhile capacity, please contact the annual giving office at 301-696-3700, or toll free at 800-707-5280, option 4.

Class Reporters

Interested in volunteering your time to be a class reporter? Some have been at this task for a number of years; others are new to the job. Some stay connected with classmates via mail, phone or email, while others enjoy personal visits and get-togethers. In whatever form you choose to keep in touch with your classmates, we would like to thank you! The columns will appear in the biannual Hood College Magazine. You play a major role in keeping your classmates connected to each other and to Hood, and are invaluable to the success of Hood Magazine. Contact the office of alumni relations and special events at 301-696-3713 or by email at if your class needs a reporter.

Year Class Reporters Class Agents
1942 Jean Brown Forster  
1944 V. Jean Wheatley Hilchuk  
1945 Ann Marshall Johnson  
1946 Jane Seymour Wilson  
1948 Corky Edwards Shulman  
1951 Eleanore Jackson Knott Betsy McCain McAlpine
1952 Mary-Lou Springhorn Leidheiser Joanne Kates Roos
1953 Johanna Chait Essex Sarah Kuhns Giarratana
1954 Jean Baker Weikert  

Barbara Heaps Rudolph

1956 Muriel Chait Durbin Ginny Turnbull Hecklinger
1957 Molly Smith Sperandio Ann Fortenbaugh Eicholtz
Sarah Bulin Hanson 
1958 Marilyn Garis Kellow Sara Lea Callaway Redmon
1959 Anne Wilson Heuisler Tarun Comegys Johns
1960 Audrey Heyman Rooney Maryann Whitehead Scherzo
1961 Katharine Baum Wolpe
Marty Kaiser Canner
Jean Shuey Wadsworth
1962 Sara Zimmerman  
1963 Dorothy Snyder Engle  
1964 Barbara Maly Fish Marylou Herrmann Foley
1965 Emily Kilby
Catherine Beyer Meredith
 Joslin Cook Ruffle
1966 Dianne Beebe Barske  
1967 Patricia Rosner Kearns  
1968 Sharon Burns Walsh Charlotte Sizoo Whitenight
1969 Sayre Roney Steere  
1970 Karin Ninesling Infuso Myra Holsinger

Mary McMunigal Burland
Mindy Laighton Wilcox

1972 Cynthia Clifford  
1973 Sally Parkhurst Van Why  
1974 Patricia Kidd
Joyce Manbeck MacKellar, M.S.'00
1975 Deborah Page Rath Ann Thomas Phillips
1976 Nancy Ludwick Warrenfeltz Heidi McCombs Lane
1977 Elizabeth Anderson Comer Margaret Mack Opsahl
1978 Kathryn Brown Sandifer  
1979 Trina Clickner Diane Lebo Wallace
1980 Allison Horne Amy Falk
1982 Liz Bastian Chapin Ellen Drogin Rodgers
1983 Mary Townley  
1984 Susan Flanders Kleinschmidt
Ellen-Marie Samsen Knehans
Kelly Durst
1985 Sue Povich DelConte Elizabeth Bond Brennen
1986 Alison Drum Althouse Eleanor Chisholm Landauer
1989 Carole Smith Neal Rainie Allison Dasch
1990 Jennifer Portmann Riberdy  
1991 Sue Marshall  
1992 Sally Altland Mason
Michelle Barr Inman
Rona Mensah
1993 Michelle Jones Stawinski

Marcelle Doll
Stephanie Bowen Fitz-Enz

1994 Sanya Cleary Wolstenholme  
1995 Jacki Resop Amato  
1996 Jewel Smith Jewel Smith
1997 Sara Hemenway  Maria Massi Matthias
Heather Rundle Rembold
Gretchen Gasowski Rosencrantz 
1998 Pamela Wilson Colaluca Kimberly Kline Newkirk
1999 Anne Hambrick-Stowe Rankin Stacey Zeno
2000 Margaret Farmer Jennifer Lidie Babu
2001 Heidel Goldenman
Holly Kirkpatrick
Andrea L'Heureux Bishop
Megan Kula
Jennifer Stange
2002 Megan R. Mills Jen Cinclair
Maggie Laabs
2003 Leah Giambarresi MacDonald Leah Giambarresi MacDonald
Elizabeth Stacks Millhouse
2004 Michelle Donati
Chanda Gilmore
Melanie Muscar
2005 Leslie Beck Hughan Tracey Carter
2006 Sharia Barksdale Sharia Barksdale
Victoria Idoni
2007 Amanda Earp Hayes  
2008 Megan Phillips Rosier
Sarah Haney Koons
Addi Lucas Davis
Amy Kaufman MacLeod
2009 Christie Fincham Flora  
2010 Alison Kelley Bliss Alyssa Moore
Pamela Massaquoi Pratt 
2011 Megan Dancause

Katelyn Bramkamp

2012 Laura Saad
Ashley Nokes
2013 Elaheh Eghbal Ashley Birdsell
2014 Bianca Padilla Chelsea Young
2015 Sarah Tapscott Tim Hulyk
2016 Justin Fox Maya Gonzalez
2017 Mary Milligan