|  Blue Emergency Phone Locations
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Blue Emergency Phone Locations

There are fourteen outdoor emergency blue light phones on campus. These phones are located at:

  • Whitaker Campus Center Parking Lot
  • Behind Alumnae House
  • South Entrance to Chapel Parking Lot
  • Between the Athletic Field and the Athletic Complex
  • North of the Aquatic Center
  • North side of the Ronald Volpe Athletic Center Parking Lot
  • South Side of the Observatory
  • South Side of Meyran Hall
  • North West Corner of Gambrill Gym
  • South West Corner of Gambrill Gym
  • Between Alumnae Hall and Shriner Hall
  • North East Corner of Hodson-Science and Technology Center
  • North West Corner of Hodson Annex
  • North East Corner of Kiln Pavilion

In addition, each residence hall has a call box at the main entrance as well as red emergency phones on each floor. These are direct phones to the Campus Communications Center which is monitored 24 hours a day.