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Flood Procedures 

  • If a flood watch or warning occurs in your area, move to higher ground immediately. Do not delay.  
  • If a campus building begins to flood, leave the building for a facility that is not flooding. Notify Campus Safety ext. 3111 or (301) 696-3548.  
  • When traveling, do not drive through flooded roadway. Remember, a relatively small amount of running water can sweep your car downstream. The depth of the water is not always obvious.  
  • If a vehicle stalls in water, leave the vehicle immediately and move to higher ground.  
  • Be extra cautious when driving at night when it is more difficult to recognize flood signs or water depth.  
  • During heavy rains or flood alerts, etc., do not park a vehicle near streams, rivers or known flash flood areas.  
  • Do not walk through or play in floodwater. Floodwater may contain toxic matter from sewage and other sources. If you must come into contact with floodwater, wash with soap and clean water as soon as possible after the contact.