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Mass Gatherings

A mass gathering may consist of a number of elements that require planning, appropriate staffing and monitoring by Hood College officials. Gathering may be athletic events, concerts, commencement ceremonies, or First Amendment demonstrations.

Campus Safety and Security need to be notified of large gathering of individuals in order to properly monitor those crowds and provide the appropriate support. This support may include medical attention to attendees, traffic control, or protection of college facilities and property. Planned or unplanned demonstrations may become large and uncontrollable. In some cases, participants could become violent, causing the destruction of property and injury.

  • Avoid area of disturbance
  • Avoid provoking or obstructing demonstrators.
  • If disturbance is outside, stay inside and away from doors or windows.
  • Secure your areas (lock all doors) and continue with your normal routines as much as possible.
  • If the demonstration escalates prepare for evacuation or relocation and follow instructions by Campus Safety and Security or College officials.