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Medical Emergency

For serious medical illnesses or injuries, call 911.

What to do when you call 911:

  • State that medical care is needed.
  • State that you are at Hood College and provide your campus location, including the building address and room number if known.
  • Provide the location of the injured or sick person (if different from your location).
  • Provide the person’s present condition (e.g. bleeding, breathing erratically, unconscious).
  • Recount the nature of the injury or medical problem if the person has been able to tell you what is wrong.
  • Follow the directions of the dispatcher, who will tell you if an ambulance is required or if the injured individual may be brought in to the emergency room.
  • Contact Campus Safety and Security at 301-696-3548 to inform them that 911 has been called and to be on the lookout for their arrival to ensure that they respond to the appropriate location.
  • Remain calm as the emergency responder will arrive at the scene as soon as possible.