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Mental Health Emergency

Mental health emergencies include suicide, attempted suicide, threats of suicide, and other behaviors that directly endanger the affected individual or others.

  • If it appears that an individual has caused harm to themselves or others, call 911, then call Campus Safety x3111 or 301-696-3548.
  • Every attempt or statement about suicide should be taken seriously. Don't try to evaluate the validity of the threat on your own.
  • If it appears that an individual is threatening to cause harm to themselves or others, call Campus Safety immediately x3111 or 301-696-3548.
  • Once on the scene, Campus Safety Officers will make an initial evaluation and render first aid as needed until support arrives. Police or emergency medical assistance might be requested.
  • If possible, provide responding personnel with any pertinent information you know about the victim.
  • After the immediate emergency passes, contact The Wellness Center x3439 in order to ease the effects of any trauma you or others might feel regarding the incident. They will provide you with walk-in times for urgent mental health issues.

Unconscious, unresponsive, or deceased found on campus

  • Upon discovery, immediately call 911 and Campus Safety x3111.
  • Try to stay with the person until a Campus Safety Officer or Police arrive.
  • Do not allow anyone to disturb or move the body.
  • If possible, provide any pertinent information you know about the victim to responding safety officers or police.
  • Counseling services will be provided for members of the campus community.