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Van Procedures

1. Emergency kits, gas card, key and “vehicle use form” can be picked up at the switchboard.

2. Prior to departure from campus:

The “Vehicle Use Form” needs to be completed. The yellow copy must be returned to the switchboard prior to departing the campus. Please note: There will be no eating or drinking in the vehicles (with the exception of water) Please treat the vehicle like it was your own and put all seats back to the position they were before you departed campus.

  • The exact passengers occupying each vehicle must not exceed the number of seatbelts.
  • All passenger’s names must be on the form and left at the switchboard before departure.
  • Passengers are not to relocate to another van during the trip.
  • Check the vehicle for any damages and make a note on the “Vehicle Use Form” before you depart and when you return to campus.
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a cell phone for “emergency use only” which should be on throughout the trip. There will be a car charger in the emergency kit in the event the phone needs to be charged.
  • The emergency kit has the college’s insurance card, registration and a form in the event of an accident. If you are involved in an accident you must contact the switchboard immediately at 301-696-3548 or contact Doreen Jarvis at 240-446-3615.

3. Prior to returning to campus:

It is the responsibility of the driver to assure the following has been completed:

a. The vehicle has been cleaned and picked-up to the fullest capacity possible.
b. Make sure the inside lights all go off before returning the vehicle and all windows are closed. (In the past the inside lights are turned on but not turned off and this kills the battery.
c. The gas tank needs to be filled up before returning to campus (Exxon gas card located in kit)
d. The “Vehicle Use Form” is filled out in its entirety: please make sure mileage is filled out
e. The emergency kit, vehicle keys, receipts from gas purchases and “Vehicle Use Form” has been returned to the switchboard.