|  Committee Descriptions
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Committee Descriptions


  • Representative and voice for the student body;
  • Convenes and presides over all SGA meetings;
  • Supports all committees;
  • Prepares meeting agendas; and
  • Meets regularly with the dean of students and president of the College.

Vice President 

  • Enforces Roberts Rules of Order during meetings;
  • Supervises incoming first-year students’ class elections;
  • Supervises all campus elections at the end of the spring semester; and
  • Oversees changes to the SGA constitution.


  • Takes minutes during every senate and executive committee meeting;
  • Oversees traditional campus events; and
  • Publicizes SGA events and activities through social networking sites, fliers, and other publicity avenues.


  • Reviews, amends and approves or denies student organization budget requests.

Campus Services Chair 

  • Deals with issues that arise with Campus Safety, Registrar, Information Technology Department, Bookstore, Post Office, Counseling Center, Health Center, Career Center and Dean of the Chapel.

Campus Facilities Chair 

  • Schedules and leads meetings with the campus facilities and dining services staffs;
  • Works regularly with representatives from Aramark, dining services and campus facilities;
  • Works toward improving the dining facilities and experience on campus; and
  • Advocates and helps make the campus more environmentally sustainable.

House Forum Chair 

  • Represents five residence halls and reports topics to SGA;
  • Oversees two major campus events: Policies for Dollars and Air Band; and
  • Oversees other residence hall activities as needed.

CAB Chair 

  • Plans quality, consistent and diverse social programs for the Hood community.

Academic Affair Chair 

  • Serves as a student representative at all Hood faculty meetings; and
  • Acts as a liaison between students and faculty.

Board of Appeals Chair 

  • Facilitates appeals according to the HCSGA Board of Appeals Judicial Procedures;
  • Organizes and facilitates a practice appeal at the beginning of each academic year; and
  • Meets regularly with the AJC adviser.

Student Life Chair 

  • Acts as the liaison between the student life office and the HCSGA body;
  • Reports on positive new student enrichment activities;
  • Oversees multicultural affairs events;
  • Edits and approves club constitutions; and
  • Regularly hold the President’s Round Table, a forum for co-programming, communication and leadership.

Commuter Executive Representative 

  • Organizes events and activities for commuter students; and
  • Acts as a liaison between commuter students and student life.

Academic Judicial Council Chair 

  • Leads a committee of students and faculty members;
  • Works to ensure Hood community members understands and follows the Honor Code;
  • Works to resolve Honor Code violations that occur in academic settings via mediation, direct sanctioning or a hearing; and
  • Following a hearing, delivers AJC decision to the parties involved in the honor code breach.