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Blazer Radio Executive Board


Adviser: Al "Night Train" Weinberg

Professor of Journalism and a Hood Alumnus

"Blazer Radio represents the culmination of 20-year-long effort. As a young assistant professor, I began the quest to bring an FM broadcast radio station to Hood in 1985! I have lost entire hours of sleep worrying about this. Now, on the Internet, our possibilities are limitless. So onward now we roll into the sweet dark night of college radio. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or is the Night Train coming at you?" -- Al Weinberg 

 Jared Webb

Jared Webb

Title: Station Manager 
Year: Class of 2013
Major: Communication Arts

Lauren Hagan

Title: Programs Director
Year: Class of 2012
Major: English and Communication Arts  



Seth Rinker

Title: Music Director

Year: Class of 2013 

Major: Arts Management


Jaime Ramirez

Title: Promotions Director

Year: Class of 2013

Major: Communication Arts

  Tairen Lamkin 

Tairen Lamkin

Title: Productions Director
Year:Class of 2012
Major:Communications Arts

 Allen Kees

Spencer Knoll

Title: Webmaster

Year: Class of 2013
Major: Political Science



Xiao Ying

Title: Office Supervisor

Year: Class of 2014
Major: Law & Society and Communication Arts