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Arranging Services and Accommodations

The Disability Services Coordinator (DSC) arranges and coordinates services to students with disabilities and may be reached at Hood College, 401 Rosemont Ave., Frederick, MD 21701-8575; telephone: 301-696-3421; email:

A student with a disability may choose not to access the services of the DSC, but any student requesting accommodations is responsible for providing notice of a disability (documentation) to the DSC and must make a specific request for accommodations at that time. The request should not be made directly to the instructor since s/he is not required to provide accommodations without notice from the DSC.

The student requesting accommodations must meet with the DSC during the first two weeks of class each semester to discuss his/her needs. The disability services coordinator will review the documentation and, upon approval, will prepare a confidential information sheet (CIS), for the student. This document:

  • verifies that a disability exists,
  • verifies that the disability has been documented,
  • describes the disability's effect on the student's academic performance, and
  • lists the accommodations in the learning environment which will "level the playing field" and to which the student is legally entitled.

The student, if he or she chooses, distributes copies of the CIS to his or her instructors and adviser. The student may choose not to use the CIS, but should consider that decision carefully. Instructors are required to provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with the CIS but not accommodations that would affect the integrity of their courses. The student should meet with the instructor within the first week of class to discuss details of the accommodations.

Incoming students may have documentation of a disability forwarded as soon as they have been accepted. Since services cannot be authorized until documentation has been received and reviewed, students should have it forwarded as soon as possible after acceptance to avoid delay in the provision of services.

Required Documentation

The documentation should be a letter stating the diagnosed disability and the psychological/educational evaluation results from a licensed medical professional. The documentation should also describe the limitations resulting from the disability. Finally, it should suggest the specific accommodations deemed necessary to participate in the academic programs at Hood College.

The documentation should be current, i.e., within the last five years for learning disabilities, the last six months for psychiatric disabilities, and the last three years for all other disabilities, including AD/HD. This does not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent or unchanging nature.


Evaluations are not completed at the college. Therefore, an individual with a disability who wishes to receive accommodations for the disability is required to arrange and pay for testing on his own, if not already done.

Additional questions may be directed to the Disability Services Coordinator at 301-696-3421 or