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Grounds Maintenance

The campus ground maintenance is contracted to Brickman/Valley Crest who are responsible for the curb appeal of the campus through scheduled ground care activities from March through November.

The following activities are seasonally scheduled through Facilities*:

  • Weekly mowing - Thursdays (rain day - Friday)
  • Lawn fertilizing/weed control
  • Flower bed plantings - three times per season
  • Mulching - two times per season
  • Campus tree arborists assessment - Fall semester
  • Tree maintenance (limb up/tree removal/planting) - Fall semester
  • Emergency storm damage service - as needed
  • Landscape bed maintenance and shrub pruning -two times per season

To the extent possible, all landscaping maintenance actitivites are schedule around major campus events including Convocation, Commencement, admission events and student activities outdoor events.

Snow removal

Snow and ice removal activities are perfomed by the facilities department staff. During snow removal events,  facilities personnel are assigned soley to snow removal duties. This may delay routine response to work orders. Emergency work requests will be addressed during these periods on a priority and severity basis.

Snow removal parking and vehicle relocations

During campus snow events all faculty, staff and students may be required to relocate their personal vehicles from one parking area to another parking both prior to a laarge storm or following lot clearing of one area so other areas can be cleared. Facilities works closely with Campus Security to assess conditions and Campus email and text notifications will sent to all Hood community members.

Please comply with these requests so clearing operations may continue and the campus can be opened and/or cleared in the least amount of time.

Snow/ice storm safety

While every effort is made to provide a safe campus, at times winter weather provides safety challenges like slippery pavement, sidewalk and stairway surfaces. All persons should expect sippery surfaces and adjust their walking patterns accordingly, wear appropriate footwear for outside conditions and report any unsafe areas to the facilities department or campus security.

Winter weather chemical treatment

Following snow removal activities, facilities staff applies an ice melt chemical in proportion to melting capability of outside conditions at the time of applications with the objective of providing safe conditions in a reasonable amount of time. Factors affecting surface melting include outside temperatures, amount of cloud cover verses clear skies and sun warming of surfaces. Again, it is imperative that the Hood community traverse the campus with extreme care following snow/ice evenbts.

Snow/ice clearing priorities

Major snow events result in prioritized campus clearing pattern of snow removal. The first prioirty is to maintain open primary campus roadways in case emergency vehciles need access to the campus in addition to providing an open pathway for resiudent students to access the dining hall. Facilities manages a snow removal plan that aims to get the campus "open" at the earliest possible time and then continue clearing operations until all campus roadways, parking lots and sidewalks are cleared and safe.