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Other Services

Pest control

The facilities department contracts with a local pest control company for the following services:

  • Weekly treatment of campus buildings and food service areas.
  • Tri-annual check for bed bugs in on-campus housing buildings (treatment as needed.)
  • Emergency service for insect, bee, wasp infestations.
  • Rodent control.

Wild animal removal (trapping/release)

The facilities department contracts with a wild animal trap/release vendor who will humanely trap and remove from campus raccoons, squirrels, fox, ground hogs, etc. and release them a significant distance from the campus. Please report any sightings of wild animals on campus or evidence inside any campus building of any animal presence to Facilities.

Warning: Do not feed or leave food for campus wildlife. This may attract unwanted or dangerous animals to campus.

Snow removal

Facilities management oversees and manages the snow and ice removal program for the campus. Department staff are scheduled for snow removal duties as storm predictions and Frederick County emergency management alerts indicate. Depending on the size of the storm and the depth of the snowfall, the campus will be cleared on a priority basis, with the first priority being to maintain emergency vehicle ingress/egress pathways and also provide cleared walkways for access to the dining hall for residential students. All other campus clearing will occur as decisions are made regarding campus opening or closure schedule/announcements by the president and campus security.

Residential students, faculty and staff may be requested to relocated/consolidate vehicles to specific lots prior to a storm and then relocate their vehicles to cleared lots once space becomes available in other lots.

Snow shovels are available for sign-out at he campus security desk in Whitaker.