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Employment and Graduate Education of Bachelor’s Degree Recipients

Employment placement rates of Hood College Graduates

Hood College graduates report one-year after graduation that 78 percent are employed full-time and 7 percent part-time.

Five years post-graduation 80 percent report being employed full-time with 90 percent reporting they landed their first full-time position within one year of graduation; 71 percent obtained their first job prior to graduation or within three months of graduation.

Types of employment

The categories of employment reported by Hood College graduates five years post-graduation:

Teacher 24%
Other Professional 23%
Scientist 11%
Financial 7%
Social Worker 7%
Manager/Executive/Proprietor 6%
Legal Professional or Law Enforcement 5%

Top employers of Hood College Graduates

  • Frederick Memorial Hospital
  • Frederick County Public Schools
  • Montgomery County Public Schools
  • United States Army
  • YMCA
  • Carroll Lutheran Village
  • Hood College
  • National Cancer Institute (NIH)

Graduate Education of Bachelor's Degree Recipients of Hood

At graduation, 22 percent of the class report applying for graduate school and 38% report they plan to apply.  One year post-graduation 40 percent report they have enrolled in graduate school.

Five years post-graduation 68 percent report enrolling in school again, with 37 percent reporting the completion of a Master's, First Professional, Graduate Certificate or Doctoral degree. Five years post-graduation alumni report they enrolled in the following areas of graduate/professional study:

Education 28%
Science and Technology 25%
Social Work 13%
Business 12%
Law School 7%
Social Science 7%
Medical School 5%

Recent Hood College Graduates have attended these Graduate Schools

  • Catholic University of America
  • Chestnut Hill College
  • Columbia College of Chicago
  • Cornell University School of Law
  • Eastern Illinois University
  • Hood College
  • Johns Hopkins School of Education
  • Kings College London
  • Liberty University
  • McDaniel College
  • Shippensburg University
  • Trinity Washington University
  • Temple University
  • University of Aberdeen
  • University of Baltimore
  • University of Maryland
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Vermont