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Charge and Goals of the committee

Charge: The purpose of the “Healthy U” Committee is to create a robust culture and a supportive environment that fosters individual health and campus-wide wellness. The Committee will develop a five-year plan to provide activities which will inspire, motivate, educate, and enhance the ability of Hood College’s faculty and staff to better manage and maintain their health, to balance their work and life responsibilities, to build a stronger sense of community, to improve productivity, and to assist in meeting personal wellness goals. The committee will use the Seven Dimensions of Wellness to develop its goals. The goals will focus on encouraging active healthy lifestyles, improving the quality of life for participants, promoting effective personal and work relationships and to reducing the risk for disease and injury by providing programming and educational opportunities.


  1. To develop a five year plan, in view of the building of a new campus fitness center, to raise awareness and involve faculty and staff in healthy working and living using the Six Dimensions of Wellness model.

    • To conduct/develop/implement at least 3 educational workshops/activities per semester.
    • To have consistently positive attendance at workshops and activities.
    • To have consistently positive evaluations from the workshops and activities.
    • To use information from participants to continue to develop/implement workshops and activities.
    • To develop on-going campus sponsored fitness activities.
  2. To pursue outside funding sources to assist with program costs.

    • To work with current benefit vendors to see what free programming may be available.
    • To work with Institutional Advancement and the Academic Grants Officer to develop grant proposals.
  3. To work with and connect to the greater Frederick community by participating in various charity events that involve healthy activity.

    • To encourage employees to participate in local charity supported walk/runs or other athletic competitions.
    • To challenge other employers to specific event competitions.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness are discussed in Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness, Eleventh Edition by Werner W. K. Hoeger and Sharon A. Hoeger and consist of the following dimensions: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational, Social, Environmental and Spiritual.