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Hood Password Change

Hood provides two methods for all Hood network users (Students, Faculty, Staff, Partners, etc) to unlock their own accounts or reset their own passwords without calling the helpdesk :

Method #1: From a Lab or office computer (Windows Only)
  1. After logging into your computer, hit CTRL+ATL+DEL
  2. Click the "Change Password" option
  3. Enter your existing password
  4. Enter your new password
  5. Confirm your new password
Method #2: From the web (All Computers)
Hood provides self management of passwords (SMOP) through a web based application that allows you to reset your password in one of two methods. If you know your existing (or last known) password, you can use SMOP to simply change your Hood password.  For instructions on how to change your password using this method, please click HERE.

A second, and more robust, method is to enroll in Hood's SMOP.  This method will allow you to change your Hood password even if you don't remember your last password.  This is good for Students and/or Faculty who leave Hood for a period of time and then return.  By establishing a few security questions and answers, you will be able to retrieve your Hood password.  For instructions on how to enroll into Hood's SMOP, please click HERE